Leading Champions

A Coach’s Decision

Coaching a team is a form of leading a group. We do this among our family and friends. In our community through HOAs or professional affiliations. And in business for our people.

Michael Malone is the most recent NBA coach to lead his team to a league title, and he had some interesting comments about what was important in the years leading up to that culmination.

In a podcast with Zach Lowe, Malone noted that he had to lead all the players in similar ways. In a league where superstars dictate to teams how, when, and if they’ll play, Malone noted that treating his best players and role players the same way was important.

One day he kicked the two-time league (and eventual finals) MVP out of practice. After another loss he included as many film clips of the best players making mistakes as the worst.

But he wasn’t always hard. He nurtured. He coached. He led everyone.

Thank goodness our competition is different. There’s more than one winner, the stakes aren’t so high, and only a few people are hustling to be the best in our niche.

We can still learn from Malone. We can lead our people through fairness, feedback, and build relationships to get through the hard times to the good ones.

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