You're Gonna Have to Sell

“A business is so much more than a great product that adds value to customers. That is not a business.” - Henry Schuck

You’re going to have to sell. There’s no way around it.

Revenue comes from customers. Customers love the status quo. If they were entirely ready to change, they would have already done it. But something has been holding them back.

Henry Schuck learned this out of necessity. He bootstrapped DiscoverOrg to $50 million in revenue before he took any outside capital.

In the early 2010s, Schuck was a 23-year-old founder with no staff. He couldn’t build his dream product because he had no money and no investor was interested in his idea for sales intelligence software.

So, he started to sell his minimum viable product to customers. Enriched data that helped salespeople reach their targets and more close deals. They loved it. They kept paying him. And he kept selling to larger and larger sales organizations.

In 2019, he acquired his biggest competitor, ZoomInfo.

In 2020, the company IPO’d, making Schuck a billionaire.

Go sell.

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