What’s a $0.25 Improvement?

Creating Positive Changes

We just looked at Will Guidara’s prompt: Should you hire young people?

Today we have another prompt from Will: What’s a $0.25 improvement?

Eleven Madison Park is famous for great food and great hospitality like gratuitous bottles of cognac or complementary caviar. If they find out that a couple is getting engaged, EMP will give the duo their champagne flutes from the meal - their Tiffany champagne flutes.

But extras aren’t always expensive.

It’s what’s important that’s meaningful.

If a guest tells the host they parked a car, the host asks where and feeds the meter.

When one guy, preying on their hospitable reputation, asked for “a million bucks”, they delivered ten 100 Grand candy bars. He loved it.

The costly part is your attention.

Guidara writes that restaurants are unique in their hospitality. But every business has the chance to delight customers, to make $0.25 improvements.

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