No Scrubs

The two most important moments each day for a one-billion-dollar clothing brand were seven in the morning and seven at night. That's when Figs founders Heather Hasson and Trina Spears showed up in the hospital parking lot for shift change.

Hasson and Spears had a trunk full of scrubs, a notepad for feedback, and coffee - always coffee. The duo was obsessed with getting their product to their customers and getting their customer's feedback.

At the time, scrubs were a commodity. Sold in rundown strip malls, the boxy tops and bottoms were no form, all function and barely that. Hasson and Spears knew medical workers wanted clothes that fit. But how exactly?

Customers are somewhere. They're in parking lots before and after work. They get coffee. They eat lunch. They buy supplies. They seek answers. They need help.

During the early days of Nike, it wasn't a hospital, it was a track meet. Phil Knight was there with his running shoes. Your customers are somewhere. Go find them.

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