Improvement Budgets

“A budget is a tool”, wrote the investment team at Chenmark Holdings, “to help us be successful on purpose.” What we count is what counts.

We see this in athletics. Runners have mileage targets. Golfers practice putts. Swimmers put in the laps. Success is intentional and budgeted.

Except when we miss the mark.

Shin splints slow runners. Rain sends golfers inside. Swimmers battle for lane space, swim times, and pool pumps pumping. There will be days, weeks, and maybe months where the numbers just aren’t there. But those are just numbers - it’s what they represent that matters.

Stretching and strength work speed runners along. Golfers putt balls, lift weights, and do yoga indoors. Swimmers find new training partners. Life creates obstacles, we find solutions.

Didn’t make enough phone calls? Send some emails.

Didn’t build the social campaign? Edit the website.

Didn’t fix the product feature? Find another way.

Targets are important tools, but they can’t be static. Success is purposeful, and adaptation is too.

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